Our Semi-Private TangoClasses offer an exceptional experience in tango learning. We are confident that they are better than any other tango class you can find, and here's why:

1) Each class is limited to just four couples-This enables students to receive plentiful feedback from each teacher, thus progressing quicker than with a class of two or more times as many participants.  

2) Classes are structured in a logical and systematic approach- This enables students to build a solid tango foundation from which more complex movements can be created. A systematic approach to learning is necessary for students to become advanced dancers.

3) We teach a concise and effective tango technique- Felix and Amaya work with the body's natural biomechanics, in line with modern movement techniques, allowing people of all ages and walks of life to learn this dance with ease. This emphasis on bodywork makes our classes efficient, effective, and enjoyable. 


Join us and experience the difference of learning with a structured, systematic approach, in an exclusive small group, and an always engaging and entertaining setting! 

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19:00-20:30 Intermediate

Ganchos & Boleos (April 5-19) Vals (April 26 to May 24)

20:45-22:15 Intermediate & Advanced

Embellishments for Both Roles (April 26 to May  24)


18:30-20:00 Basics

Tango Fundamentals-essential elements of tango. Suitable for complete beginners as well as more advanced dancers wanting to work on the fundamentals. 

20:15-22:15 Intermediate-Advanced 

Complex Sequences in Tango

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