Quick & Dirty Tango Tips: Tip #1 Stay Fresh!

July 18, 2017



Stay Fresh!

Tango is a full sensory experience. As a participant in this experience, we all want to make our partners feel great when dancing with us. It may seem like common sense, but it's important to double check that our olfactory impact is a pleasant, or at least neutral one. So let's go through the good ol' rules of proper dance hygiene. 


1. Wear deodorant. Most of us sweat when we dance, so please, for your dance partner, and fellow dancers in the room, put on the good stuff. If you are anti-deo, then make use of the bathroom and wash up there once in a while between dances.

2. Bring extra shirts if you sweat a lot. This goes for men as well as women. If you, like many Berliners, ride a bike to dance class or a milonga, thinking you can wear the same shirt, while dancing, is a dangerous assumption. Often we don't smell our own odor, so better to play it safe and bring an extra shirt along. 

3. Use a clean shirt, dress, etc. each time you go dancing. Although it may be very eco-friendly, re-wearing a sweat-drenched shirt after it has dried, can be a quick way to end up sitting on the sidelines. Instead of skimping on the clean laundry, honor your dance partners by wearing a fresh shirt for them.

4. Find a trusted friend who will tell you when you need a mint or new shirt. Make a pact with someone you trust that will tell you if you smell less-than-flowery, need a mint, or have something in your teeth. I have my trusted hygiene-friend, do you?

5. Brush your teeth soon before going dancing. Not going home before dancing? No problem, bring a travel toothbrush and toothpaste with you! 

6. Last, but not least, too much perfume or cologne can have the same affect as body odor. Limit your application to just ONE, yes, ONE spray. Even better, spray it in the air, and walk through it. This diminishes the scent even further, leaving you lightly smelling like flowers, honey dew, or manly-man, whatever your choice may be. 


With these tips, you are sure to stay smelling good on the dance floor, and will keep the dances coming! 


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